Under $50 storage and shelf bedroom upgrades you need.

Spring is fast approaching and with it comes the mood for a home makeover and decorating. New season calls for tradition; out with the old to make room for the new and there is no escaping this spell without shopping. For this reason, planning is warranted to guide us with the cost and lend us time to ponder which part of our house needs sprucing up. With this in mind, I decided to redecorate our bedroom with some stylish accents for a more updated feel.

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West Elm New Deep Wood Picture Ledge, ($50) … Wall shelf is a great way to show-off decorative accents, knickknacks, and books. Moreover, it maximizes bedroom space by eliminating the need to use bulky cabinets. Here is another wall shelf idea inspiration.

Large Striped Laundry Basket, ($20) … Say goodbye to messy-floor of worn clothes with this chic, versatile laundry basket. Stripes lend a contemporary vibe giving an updated appeal to the room. See here for another stylish idea.

Set of 3 Trinket Boxes M&S, ($9.28) … Keep accessories in place with these stylish trinket boxes leaving a clutter-free bedside table. What’s more, the gold metal detailing adds a vintage charm to the table or dresser.

(image: Polyvore)

Share your bedroom decorating tips below.



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