NO MORE winter style rut

With the temperature going up and down this winter, it is a challenge to get creative and add interest to our outfits. We don’t always have time to ponder our style choices, nor care about the way we look if the weather is freezing outside. The same sentiment applies when the weather gets warmer than it’s supposed to, which happens all the time in the south.

We seek comfort in our black jeans, gray sweater, and black ankle boots because going for the easy route involves less fuss. Although this may be a fail-safe option, there are ways (see below) to help us resolve this style rut which involves minimal planning and our favorite black jeans.

created via Polyvore


Bright color + Neutral

nothing like pastel to get us through the cold, dreary days ahead. Instant mood booster!

another chic look here on how to pull off that bright colored sweater

Sculptural form + Neutral

architectural detail keeps the outfit look interesting and updated, something to keep in mind for those unexpected warm winter days

 see another look here

Texture + Neutral

instantly updates the outfit in addition to making it *instagramable* worthy

here’s another stylish proof of a textured clutch *wowing* the look

sources: Polyvore | Farfetch | Tessabit | Forward by Elyse Walker

Comment below your favorite winter style.








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