Fighting winter blues


Winter is the worst time for my skin. Breakouts, dull and dry skin on top of other winter blues I have to go through could be really exhausting and stressful to deal with. Being born and raised in the Philippines, I never had to worry nor deal with seasonal transitions. But thanks to social media and all the hardworking-talented beauty bloggers, I have finally found the right essentials for my skin, what it wants, and needs during this cold-freezing weather.

My winter essentials …

Jergens Ultra Healing Lotion (extra dry skin) … My go-to hand lotion right now. I am beyond satisfied with how gentle it feels on my skin leaving it soft and moisturized all day. Unlike any other lotion I have tried, it stays longer and locks in moisture keeping my hands dry and itchy free.

Burt’s Bees Mango Moisturizing Lip Balm   I can never leave the house without this. I get bad dry lips this time and have gone through several lip balms but none of them works impressively like Burt’s Bees. The 100% natural ingredients keep my lips protected from the harsh cold weather.

L’oreal Visible Lift CC Eye Concealer …  This works well with my moisturizer and primer. It covers my blemishes, dark spots, and under eye dark circles perfectly. Furthermore, it blends nicely on my skin and has the right coverage that I look for in a concealer.

Maybelline Blackest Berry Bold Lip color … I usually shy away from dark, bold shades and gravitate towards pink/neutral tones. My husband picked this one for me, thought that it complements well on my skin tone and lo and behold! It does, not to mention the color lasts a little longer than any other brands I have tried. (Thumbs up!)

CoastalScents Blush and Bronzer Palette … My sister-in-law gave this to me last year and I have been using it since then. It glides smoothly on my skin with a glowing finish. *LOVE* it.

Revlon Photoready Kajal Intense Eyeliner+Brightener … Another must have item I cannot leave home without. I love how I can use the brightener shade to cover up small blemishes and dark spots whenever I forget to bring my concealer. Instant wow!

Anastasia Beverly Hills Clear Brow Gel … I hardly ever use my brow brush now that I have this. It defines and sets my brows in place perfectly.

Birchbox Mirror … A gift from my sister-in-law. Handy and cute, no?

Tell me about your winter essentials below.











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