Day27 – Woodwork.

Wood-themed décor has captivated my attention lately. I love how it could transform the entire room when mixed with contemporary pieces and accents.
Inspired by some of the pinterest-worthy home décor ideas I found online, this set via Polyvore  will serve as your inspiration for your next home shopping trip.
a. Cafe De Paris Wooden Clock -its rustic layout offers a vintage appeal to the kitchen wall 
b. Hope Farm Co Small Rustic Wood Crate Box – from functional to décorative, this crate box adds a woodsy touch on the office desk
c. Pastoral Disarrayed Wooden Candle Holder – an ingenious way to make use of  wood, no?
d. Natural Wood Pinwheel Mirror – eclectic vibe for the bathroom
d. NOVICA Floral Wood Relief Panel – details and Indonesian flair, a perfect art for the living room
e. Traditional Style Wooden Branch Bundle Table Lamp – brings the outdoors to your bedroom for a natural feel


woodwork decor
Wood craft sure makes a great statement piece for home.

Wood light

Wooden home decor

Battery powered clock

Brown box

Wooden candle

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